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Hi there! I'm Katie, an Austin, Texas native moving from one cool city to the next. Over the last five years, I've lived in Nashville, TN, Seattle, WA and Athens, GA. Today, I get to call San Antonio, Texas home.

If you're considering me as your photographer, THANK YOU! I'd be honored to work together. First things first, I want to share three important things.

1. Comfort is everything.

I want my clients to feel confident in front of the camera. I make that happen as fast as possible by quickly addressing any questions and easing all parties into a relaxing, fun session. 


"I want my clients to feel confident in

front of the camera."

2. You're going to have fun and like what you see. 

I'm a friendly people-person and have spent the last 10+ years working with folks of all ages and backgrounds. Are you shy? I'll gently bring you out of your shell. Is your toddler fast? I am faster. ;) I get the shot and always deliver frame-worthy, flattering photographs.

"I always deliver frame-worthy, flattering photographs."

3. Memories matter.

I believe it doesn't have to be a milestone or special occasion to invest in professional pictures of yourself and loved ones. I relish in capturing real, authentic moments I see before me, and using my images to tell a visual story of the emotions felt behind each photograph.


"Your everyday story deserves to be documented."

I love human friends and dog friends, laughing, volunteering, live music, cooking, swimming, Netflix binges and expertly-crafted cocktails. No matter what I'm doing, I'm captivated (and sometimes downright distracted) by the beauty all around me. 


When the wind blows your hair across your face just so, or as the sun sets behind you on a beautiful evening walk, you may not have a clue how incredibly beautiful you are. But I do. Whenever I witness these moments, I'm compelled to capture them.

I can't wait to meet you.



Let's Get Together!

I'd love to chat with you! Please send me a message using this form and I'll be in touch ASAP. Thanks!

Tel: 512.917.3960 |  Email:

Meet Katie

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