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Welcome to the PNW: Portrait Session

Being the new kid on the block isn’t always easy. As we planned our big move to the PNW, friends in Texas and Tennessee shared their confidence in my ability to make friends. “You’re so personable!” “You always volunteer and find ways to meet people easily.” “You’re so nice, everyone will love you. You’ll make friends immediately, I know it!”

I appreciated these kind statements because they were so sweet, and it did make me feel better about the unknown future ahead of me. That said, after being here for a few months (working from home) I’m here to tell you making a new, solid community isn’t exactly a walk in the park! I’ve been meeting great people left and right, but forming deep relationships just takes time and effort. I have every reason to believe we’ll build a community and enjoy it for years to come, I just have to be patient in the building process.

One unexpected friend has made the transition to the area much easier. Our dear nine year old neighbor has truly rolled out the welcome wagon in our neighborhood. She instantly bonded with our pup, Ginny, and visits regularly. She is a little social bird, wildly outgoing and extremely confident. Her sweet disposition has made us immediately feel part of the neighborhood and she’s always a friendly face to run into in the front yard or nearby park.

It’s been really fun to interact with a child again because I haven’t had that opportunity since babysitting in college. I observe how she’s very much still a young girl, but definitely growing up quickly. I was so honored to document her in this fun little in between stage… capturing her fun spirit, love for American Girl dolls, and the great beauty of our neighborhood. This was my first shoot in our new home and the majestic backdrops in the PNW made this shutterbug very happy.

I brought along one of my prop cameras for her to play with during the shoot. She has expressed an interest in photography and my “big camera,” so it was fun to capture her with a piece of equipment.


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