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Boyhood: Portrait Session

I remember the first time I saw my friend Cassandra in “mom mode.” We were on a Google hangout conference call for our small peer mentoring group (founded by C) and her son Jace came in the room to ask her question. He was as cute as could be, leaning over to whisper in her ear and glancing back shyly at the webcam from time to time. It was such a sweet sneak peek into their daily lives and made me smile.

When we started planning their mom and son photo shoot, I was ecstatic. After seeing so many great pictures of the two of them on Facebook and Instagram, I couldn’t wait to work with this dynamic duo in person. Cassandra suggested meeting at the Seattle Arboretum so I went to scout it out. I had the best time walking on the trails and exploring the area. There are so many gorgeous flowers, trees and paths, it’s truly a photographer’s dream location.

Once photo shoot day arrived, I was BLOWN AWAY by how good Jace was, and his willingness to participate. He was completely engaged in the process, even voicing his preferences and ideas for poses. My favorite was when he said: “I have an idea! Can I do a pose with my mom where it looks like I have two heads?”

It was a fantastic idea, and turned out to be one of my favorite images from the session! Another favorite moment was the following exchange: Me: “How did you become such a good model?” Jace: “I’m just doing what you tell me to do.”

Well, you’re a natural, buddy.

More than anything, I really loved getting to see my friend in parenting mode. She has mastered the art of a relaxed authority figure. I’m not a parent, but I can only imagine that’s a tough balance to strike, and she does it flawlessly. As a result, Jace is curious, vocal, funny and full of personality… and if it wasn’t already obvious, totally Cassandra’s mini-me. #hellotwins

I’m grateful for a new Seattle friend, a wonderful photo session experience, and the opportunity to interact with such a cool kid. Thanks again you two!


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