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Molly: Senior Portraits

​When Molly reached out to me on Instagram this summer, I was absolutely delighted to hear from her again. We first met four years ago when I photographed her family's annual portraits. Soon after, I had the privilege of taking her sister, Katie's, senior portraits. Now, it was Molly's turn.

​Since I happened to be passing through Austin on my way to our new home in Athens, I was able to meet Molly at her house to capture her senior year. Molly was beautiful when we first met, but she has really blossomed since then. From her gorgeous natural curls, to her porcelain skin, she is a photographer's dream.

I had so much fun with her exploring a stunning field in her backyard and a nearby park. This girl just radiates beauty and enthusiasm for life.

I can't wait to see where your adventures take you next, Molly. xoxo


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