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Seattle in Bloom

I love living somewhere with four seasons. While it's true that the Seattle area experiences gray skies and rainy days roughly half the year, it's worth it. The rainfall produces the most glorious trees, plants and flowers, and it likes to show off in the springtime.

​When the cherry blossoms bloom, spring has truly arrived. Treetops explode with color and the ground is coated with soft pink petals as they begin to fall. ​They only last a couple of weeks, so when strong winds blew through the other day, I raced outside to capture what I could. I made the unfortunate decision to do quite a bit of traveling this time of year, so I almost missed my chance!

You can see a magnificent display at the University of Washington, but we're lucky to have two trees right in our front yard.

Even though the cherry blossoms leave us quickly, more gorgeous flowers are still popping up. Remember to look up and find them once in awhile.


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