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Caitlin + Tom: Couples Session

May was quite the chaotic month.

Between graduation, our wedding/honeymoon and the subsequent cross-country move, I had a lot on my plate! Luckily, just before all of the festivities began, I had a fabulous engagement session with Caitlin and Tom in Nashville.

First impressions are a funny thing. I still remember the moment I saw Caitlin. We were visiting the school in 2013, attending seminars and meeting prospective students. During one lecture, the admissions staff asked all admitted students to stand. Caitlin stood in the auditorium and the staff rattled off a long list of her impressive accomplishments. I remember taking away two things that turned out to be completely untrue: I thought I heard she was a native French speaker and grew up in Canada. Well, no. While she may speak some French (do you, Caitlin??) and she went to undergrad in Canada, this dear friend actually grew up in Connecticut. #facepalm

That same weekend, Matthew and I sat down to breakfast with Tom and a few others. Tom had stories to share from his time in the U.S. Army and from his adventures on Broadway in Nashville (I couldn’t stop laughing at the latter). It’s funny to look back on those separate experiences and then fast forward to today: great friends of ours that are now a couple! That’s right, Tom and Caitlin met at Owen and became engaged before graduation. I am such a sucker for these MBA love stories, y’all.

We ventured out into Nashville to capture their engagement photos. We had such a great time visiting two locations that serve as significant landmarks in their relationship: 12 South (they had their first date at Urban Grub) and the beautiful grounds of Vanderbilt’s campus. These two were naturals in front of the camera, although Tom did warn me that he was going to kill me if he had to smile for much longer. Thanks for being a great sport, Tom!

Congratulations you two! We had so much fun getting to know you over the last two years and celebrating at our wedding. Can’t wait for your big day – it will be here before you know it.


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