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Little Ones: Cincy Trip

When my best friend Christine announced she was going to graduate school five years ago, I was so proud of her and completely supportive of the idea. That is until, she told me she was moving to Ohio. Ohio? Really? Leaving the Lone Star State for the Midwest? Leaving me behind?! I was a little bit heartbroken. However, as the years passed, I changed my tune. So many amazing things in her life have happened as a result: she earned her PHD, got married, and gave birth to an adorable baby boy, Robbie. This month, after years of wanting to make it up there, I finally hopped on a plane to visit Christine in her town: Cincinnati!

I had no real expectations going into the trip, but I now have the BEST things to say about Cincy. This All-American city is clean and urban, with pockets of sweet neighborhoods all around. Christine, Ryan and Robbie live very close to the cutest town square you ever did see.

Our weekend was filled with fun activities:

{Lazy mornings lounging and playing at home}

{Going for walks/jogs to the town square, trying Graeter’s ice cream (amazing!)}

{Doing hot yoga (my first class, loved it!), dinners in/out, and of course, photographing my little ‘nephew’ — the Robs.}

Christine + Co are about to move, so it was really special to document their lives in Cincy. Of course, we had a full photo shoot dedicated to Mommy + Baby pics.

The trip was the perfect mix of relaxation, activity, spending time together, and trying new things. I just love these people!

xoxo, Aunt “KK”


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