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Proposal on the Nashville Pedestrian Bridge: Couples Session

I remember the first time I met Sara: I was aimlessly wandering around the lobby of Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management, looking for Matthew in a sea of new graduate students. Sara, with a diet coke in one hand and a small plate of hors d’oeuvres in another, spotted me in the crowd and introduced herself. We started talking and I immediately felt comfortable with her, like we’d been friends for years instead of having just met. A few minutes later, Charles walked up and the three of us started talking. I detected a flirtation and interest between them, just one week or two into the school year. That was the beginning of something very special for Charles and Sara.

From adventures in Franklin, TN, to dinners at home and out, to building a picnic table, to my Nashville bridal shower and now our wedding (where Charles is a groomsman), Matthew and I have become very close friends with these two! They were also the masterminds behind executing Matthew’s proposal to me, so when Charles approached me to photograph his proposal to Sara, I accepted in a heartbeat.

Charles planned a big day for Miss Sara. He woke up before her on Sunday, leaving a canvas photo of the two of them and a note for her to open. He sent her on a day of pampering with brunch, manicure/pedicures, shopping and spending time with friends — while he disappeared for several hours. He snuck back in the house during the day, leaving dozens of roses, another note and a playlist of their favorite songs on repeat in the background. When Sara came home to find the note, she was instructed to get dressed up and meet him on the Nashville Pedestrian Bridge at 5:30pm.

As Charles and I waited in the pre-selected spot, Matthew met Sara at the bottom of the bridge and escorted her to the top. From there, Sara walked by herself, approaching Charles who was waiting near an alcove overlooking the Nashville skyline.

Of course we then launched into a mini engagement session, the happy couple glowing and full of excitement.

Congratulations, lovebirds! Excited for you as you plan your wedding and new lives together.


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